One to watch: León


Swede Lotta Lindgren, together with her producer Agrin Rahmani, is on to something. Since dropping “Tired of Talking” on Soundcloud back in 2015, the hype around Léon has been massive. After finalizing a deal with Columbia records, the idea was to get both of them into the studio and finalize the debut album as quickly as possible to keep the hype going. The album being due last year, it seems there has been some delays. One can only speculate, but it looks to me that it’s a matter of a classic clash between the creative process of the artist and the money making mentality of label representatives.

In any case,  Léon released a debut EP back at the beginning of March instead, called “For you”. It contains four really great tracks. None of which will meet the same commercial success as “Tired of talking” (“Think about you” coming the closest), but nevertheless an assurance of the quality of this new artist. I expect Léon being one of the next household artists of the coming years, if not in the world then at least back in her native country Sweden.


My absolute favorite track from the EP is called “Liar”. It’s the track that made me really interested in the whole project. No nonsense, lots of emotion. Check out the video bel0w:

Keep up the great work!


The Music Monkey


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