Garrett’s got potential.

Kevin Garrett’s biggest hit to date is called “Coloring” and was released three years ago. Since then, he hasn’t really been able to find a way to follow up on it. It might be a surprise, since his work since doesn’t seem to lack the quality of commercial success. However, it most likely is because he’s not being backed by any major label at the moment. It might be by choice, because there has most definitely been interest, but nevermind that.

His latest claim for fame comes in the form of a 5-track album called “False Hope”. My guess is that he’s hoping that the single “Little Bit Of You” should bring him back into the limelight. As far as I’m concerned, he might be right. However, my favorite track from the album in terms of quality, is without a doubt “Pulling Me Under”. Check it out below:

It’s so clear and simple in its production. The verse and bridge are the best parts, the chorus is ok. Either way, I think it’s clear that Garrett’s showing a lot of potential.

Keep it up!


The Music Monkey



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