joan- “take me on”

joan’s first single is most easily described like a mixture of musical acts LANY and Roosevelt (Look Roosevelt up if you don’t know him). Check it out below!

What’s good:

I really like the structure of this song. It starts off with sweet hymns, followed by a single voice, and eventually it leads into a really catchy chorus. They keep adding on different instruments in the verse gradually, making the impacts of each of them so much greater. I especially love the introduction of the guitar in the second part of the second verse.

Its simplicity creates clarity. It doesn’t try to be more than it is, is being a really catchy pop song. It’s a classic “took me 10 minutes to write”-type of song, a category containing many of the biggest mainstream hits of our time.

What’s bad:

I wish they would let verse simmer. It feels like they are rushing into the chorus a bit too quickly, which really affects the impact of the chorus. It’s a shame, because it gives me the impression of them trying too hard and not trusting their instincts. It feels like the classic work of an A&R-representative from a big record label going on about how “you only have thirty seconds to catch the interest of listeners” and similar arguments like that. It surprises me slightly, as it seems like joan are signed to a smaller independent label called 20XX. I don’t know, maybe its A&R took the same weekend crash course as Sony’s dito. Anyway, in a perspective of commercial success, either A&R might have a point. In terms of the quality of the music however, it has a negative effect if you ask me.

Also, it feels like the duo could’ve made those ten minutes fifteen instead, in order to sort out the lyrics in the verses. They’re not terrible, just unoriginal. They cause zero emotional effect.


Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford of Little Rock, US. is on to something great here. I’d be very surprised to see them not being signed by a larger label shortly (though I’m still rooting for you, 20XX!) and I look forward to new material within a not too distant future. They are not quite there yet, but they possess all qualities needed to make great things out of this project.


The Music Monkey



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