Best of luck, Sandro

I’m sure that the good people over at Universal have really high hopes for the Swede with the golden voice, Mr. Sandro Cavazza. They recently released his debut single “What It Feels Like”, and it’s actually not too bad. I mean, yes, it lacks a bit of originality in its production and it’s obvious that the label has had a lot to do with that part. That being said, it’s better than most of the garbage they put out in their “brooting single male acts”-quota. It’s actually not bad, and even has parts of greatness in it

Feel free to give it a listen below.

I predict a big future for Sandro. The question is not wether he can make it big or not, the question is how. You see, he’s definitely more likely to achieve success much quicker by continuing the newly started career as a single act over at Universal, and it’s without a doubt the likely route he will go down. However, I did my research and discovered that he’s also the lead singer of unsigned band Bonavox. I suspect this is where the big label found him.

Bonavox has a track that had immediate impact on med. It’s called “Story of the World” and was released back in 2014. Judge for yourself below!

According to me, the low scale production (even in the studio version on spotify) really works in Sandros favor. It’s more naked and personal, and showcases the many layers of his voice. Then again, I am a big fan of the unpolished sound.

I suspect that Mr. Cavazza has put the Bonavox-project on hold to focus on his career as a single artist. I also believe it’s a good career move, absolutely the right one. However, if he ever were to read this, I would recommend him to not entirely abandon the more untouched sound of “Story of the World”. It suits his more than capable voice very well and it will eventually generate success. He will have a fair amount of success much quicker with the same type of production as on “What It Feels Like”, but if he sticks with the “Story of the World”-sound, he has a chance of not only having the biggest hit of his life but also achieving timelessness. Think Coldplay-“Fix You”-levels. It will most probably take more time and effort though.

In either way, I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Cavazza! You have a good ear and an amazing voice. Follow your instincts and you will find the sound you are looking for.


The Music Monkey



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