One to Watch: Rationale

In this “fast food”-focused music industry we’re all affected by, it’s really rare to come across something that isn’t made solely to be stuck in your head like the ringing in the ear of an old boxer, but that also moves you and makes you feel something real. Which, of course, makes it so much greater when it actually happens. 

Enter, Mr. Tinashe Fazakerley.


Better known to fans as ‘Rationale’, Mr. Fazakerley has under his latest alias managed to restore some faith in me that it modern pop hasn’t not all gone to sh*t. Arguably he is most known for his biggest hit to date, “Fast Lane”, for which he has met praise from not only critics, but also by acclaimed artists such as Pharrell. However, a surprising amount of the press and, sadly, the public has managed to miss out on the rest of his collection. Sure, he’s only been going since 2015, but tracks like “Fuel to the Fire” and “Something for Nothing” should’ve gained a lot more attention upon release. I can only hope that the most recent additions of “Prodigal Son”, “Reciprocrate”and “Vessels” steers him further into the limelight. Get acquainted yourself, here!

So, how did this ‘Rationale’ come from nowhere and suddenly deliver one quality track after another?


Well, actually this Mr. Fazakerley is no spring chicken when it comes to the music industry. It isn’t his first attempt on success, and in fact it’s not the first time he’s caught my attention. He used to go by his first name of ‘Tinashé’ and released an album called “Saved” in 2010. Not a terrible album at all, but it failed gain any wide attention. The fact that an american girl that went under the same name was up-and-coming at the same time probably didn’t help his brand recognition either.


The first time I personally heard of the guy was not via the “Saved”-release. It was via a Youtube-video showing Tinashé performing an acoustic version of one of the tracks from the album, called “Pieces of Paper”. It was one of my absolute favorite videos at the time. Though you can see a screenschot from the original video above, the visual version has unfortunately since been removed. You can still here the audio here, though.

From 2010 up to now, the young man has spent his time writing new music. Not only for himself, but also for the now acclaimed artist and fellow brit, Rag’n’Bone Man, and for the Swiss version of “The Voice” (thank you, Wikipedia!).


Today, Mr. Fazakerley’s own career as an single act is doing much better. Not yet massive, he’s slowly gaining some well deserved pace. He is currently on tour around Europe as an opening act for the fellow London-based giants Bastille, (follow his tour dates here).

So, things are looking up for this extraordinary talent, and I couldn’t be more happy for him. I just hope there isn’t a fifteen-year-old girl somewhere in America that is called ‘Rationale’ and is making currently in the making of yet another fast food ear ringer, featuring Chris Brown. Fingers crossed!

To sum up: Thank you for restoring my faith in modern pop music, Mr. Fazakerley. I don’t care if you become the biggest pop star in the world, just as long as you keep doing things your way and continue to profit enough to not waste your time on doing something else.In my book, Bastille should be opening for you.

I’ll leave you with a link to the acoustic version of his biggest hit, performed on BBC Radio 1’s Piano Sessions. A voice as deep, fragile and moving as Tracy Chapman. Goosebumps, in other words.

To whomever reading:

In this post I haven’t really gone into details concerning what I think makes Rationale’s music so promising, and it’s on purpose. As he is currently one of the artists I follow the most intensely, I am certain that this is far from the last time I’ll post anything about him. In order to keep this post from being too long I am therefore saving my more detailed reviews for a later occasion. For now, I leave it up to you to make up your own mind. After all, that’s what music should be all about.

To Warner Music:

Sorry for not using the artwork for his latest releases.I just like the older ones better.


The Music Monkey




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