Welcome To An Ear to the Rail!

So, this is my first entry. I suppose I’ll use it to clarify what the purpose of this blog is.

On this page I will share new music that I deem worthy of spending my incredibly valuable time on promoting through a post. My idea is to share songs released recently, by more or less known artists, that I think should catch the attention of as many as possible. In addition to that, I will also do the odd artist piece. In these pieces I will try to highlight promising new acts that has shown their potential through more than one song and that I find deserving of a wider audience in general.

Yes, I’m aware that the idea of a “New Music”-type blog is far from unique and that this whole project might become just another one in the masses. However, the point of my blog is to promote Good and unique music that has the potential to affect this this industry for the better, not the songs with biggest hit potential. In fact, the whole initiative of starting this blog was sprung out of the frustration of seeing yet another facebook post by some facebook group claiming to be runned by “true music aficionados”, where they share a link to their own website about yet another Chainsmokers release that’s “AMAZING” and that “you just HAVE TO LISTEN TO!!”.

I hope this gives you some insight to what I’m trying to do here.



The Music Monkey



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